Abhorrent Evolution | EP 2011

by Oblivionized

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Aaron Lee
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Aaron Lee Read about this band in a 2011 issue of Terrorizer. Raw, unrelenting deathgrind. Sad to hear they broke up. Favorite track: Abhorrent Evolution.
Andrej Romić
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Andrej Romić Oblivionized are a pretty interesting group, they have split up, but in their short career they have switched genre and kept playing awesome music. The first years, when this ep came out, they could have been considered a technical dm group, and later switched onto a One step beyond/ A million Dead Birds laughing type technical grindcore. Anyways, i loved this band a lot, wish they would come back :/ Favorite track: Born into Decadence.
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    Oblivionized debut EP, Abhorrent Evolution.

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The debut EP from UK Misanthropic Technical death Grind pioneers Oblivionized.


released March 23, 2011

Lead vocals - Zac Broughton
Lead guitar - Geoff Bradley
Vocals / guitar - Sammy Urwin
Drums - Jonathan Rushfourth
Bass - Phil Black

Mixing - Sammy Urwin
Mastering - Scott Hull



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Track Name: Born into Decadence
Born into Decadence

lethargic, burdened
defined by a gluttonous existence our race suffers
needlessly with our end at hand
unwilling to amend for the mistakes of our ancestors

All actions, predetermined
no easy options
so, we Submit

Born with no purpose confined Within
this rotten form
no choice in our direction our fate sealed
No will, to change

Man is Inept
Born into Destruction

Our hands are red with the blood of our species
as we drain the world to feed industrialisation
our minds twisted by greed
our actions dictated by inherit ignorance
ignorance, Ignorance mans ignorance

unable to change

man hungers
our delusions are left behind we
we fall into a state of confusion
as we realise realise

our existence is wasted on us
mans exists only to destroy
our existence is wasted upon us
our race has no future

no future

I was blind but I see now.
into a void of perception
beyond the blinkers of ancestors
Born with no purpose confined Within
this rotten form
no choice in our direction our fate sealed
Mans fate. sealed

born into decadence

our destruction is upon us
as we stand
on the brink of destruction

now we stand
on the brink of destruction
Track Name: Abhorrent Evolution
Abhorrent Evolution

faced with the frailties of our existence
we regret the mistakes of our ancestors
as our time reaches its end
we can no longer elucidate our existence
as we look at out actions rom the outside
and witness the mistakes
and idiocy of our past

gestating within
an aberration of our flesh

born within

now our destruction is born within
we are unaware
as our bodies become host
to an inconceivable threat

growing inside, an evolution of our own creation
an abomination of our Arrogance and Insidious ignorance
a creation of natures desperation
to elevate, our disgusting existence

bursting from within us
as we consumed it grew Inside
our race, now enslaved we are inept
at the birth of our replacement

an abhorrent evolution

searching for a reason
our mistakes were never so clear
as our inevitable extinction is born
we witness our race consumed...

we are the architects of our demise

the end
why couldn't
we foresee our demise
now we
our greatest
creation is the bringer of our deserved demise

gestating Within us
a transient solution to our destructive existence
a means to an end
as we are rendered obsolete
we wallow in turmoil

becoming host to our demise
our mistakes are now clear
as we are arbitrarily exterminated
by the future of our race
Track Name: Subject to Extinction
Subject to Extinction

enslaved by a contortion of our flesh
man can no longer belong
with no purpose our race exiled
insignificant we submit

mindless drones following
unaware of what awaits us
as vicious minds govern the earth
with no purpose but our destruction

a revelation within us
man must fall for the destruction to subside
we are subject to extinction

twisting my words with no thought or reason
lacking the insight to amend our idiocy
blinded by ignorance rejecting the signs
turning a blind eye to our callous reality

blinded by Ignorance
silenced by fear

as our numbers dwindle
we give in to our fate.
as we set our eyes on the mass graves that surround us
filled with the pestilent remains of our race

mindless drones following
unaware of what awaits us
why were we so blind
our race now inept we can no longer survive

man will fall
man must fall...
Track Name: A Modern Prometheus
A Modern Prometheus

all traces erased
as emptiness fills our place
the last made to suffer, as they are
devoured by our abortion
impossible to reason
as man is erased by contortion of human flesh

our race consumed

with Mankind erased
the earth is inhabited by our evolution
a creature with no purpose born out of disgust
an aberration conditioned to destroy

altho it is born from man
what is it destined to become?
as it lingers in the wake of its ancestors

Inherit animosity to itself
with no understanding
the ability to reason lost
only hatred and ignorance remain
Born to destroy, to consume

a modern prometheus

disarray grows becoming eternal
as disgust is born within at there lose of morality
inherit hatred for what they became
all direction lost as they destroy what they strove to preserve

constrained, by morality
desperate to conforme

deranged, intoxicated by greed
mans idiocy destroys them

As mankind is erased
Equilibrium, achieved
The earth is reclaimed...