Nullify the Cycle | EP 2012

by Oblivionized

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released July 3, 2012

Nullify the Cycle is a two track promo, both tracks will be re-recorded for the album, this promo is free.



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Track Name: The Nullification Of Philanthropy
Drifting through this life as if in a state of unconsciousness / the world silenced by the drudgery of your wasted existence / obedient / unquestioning / inseparable from a structure you despise / you continue through the inanity / desperate to conform / Nurturing a life of escapism / unfulfilled / a monument of modern man / No more then a husk / perpetually serving at the bottom of an un-scalable structure / Obsolete / serving the self-important sustaining their life as you wither away / you suckle on the tit of the regime / no significance surviving at the feet of the affluent... Born into drudgery / an external optimist / nothing left to give / victim to a hierarchy of lies / a slave to the agony you silently endure / Content to conform / willingly ignorant / blinded by the effluence from a structure that defines you / converting your form with their fascination / I am sickened / the audacity is so clear / the nullification of philanthropy / Constrained by your sympathy / living a life of denial / blissfully ignorant / bound to habit / reliant on actions that doom you / Baron / lifeless and neurotic / reverted to a lifeless husk / infected with the pestilence of mankind
Track Name: Cycle Of Deprivation
Dependence grows / bred into redundancy / endlessly insignificant as life merely grinds on / no will only agnostic solutions as problems worsen / Inherited limitations / yet no aspiration to change / born reliant / insignificance / raised with no aspiration / ability or requisite for a better standard of existence / to trapped to change / Nothing untainted / a future bound to despair / there is no penance / there is only ruin / convinced of your importance as you wither away... You can no longer see through your fucking lies / whelped from the lineage of filth / No mental capacity for change / the cycle / the cycle continues on / Hostil and resenting / with no purpose or interest / no understanding / unreasonable / derangement becomes us and our demise descends / before your eyes... The cycle continues on
Track Name: Nullify The Cycle
Open my eyes / greeted by the grey / the same reflection that I see here each day / I feel nothing on my skin / the touching of your fingers or the blowing of the wind / and I keep floating / painless and numb / forever on the outskirts of a town I don't belong / I'm forever waiting to see what it holds / a new day created / just to be empty and cold / My life is sculpted not by my hands / my mind is molded to be narrow and bland / Hearing other voices / but not my own / stuck in complacency and that is where I'll roam / I'm standing in the rain but not feeling a thing on my skin / I'm a empty shell of a man but I always have been...