This Black Earth | Split 2013

by Oblivionized

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This Black Earth is a split between UK Avant-grind trio Oblivionized and USA Deathgrinders Plague Widow, the release is available on a limited hand-made CD (Sold Out) from UK label MMP and 7inch vinyl from Buried In Hell Records USA.


released February 1, 2013



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Track Name: Hope Is The First Sign Of Defeat
what is my life
fuck society
it's fucking boring
were dose it end

no one wants to work a job they hate
but you’ll do it forever

wallowing, in self pity
day in, day out
but who gives a fuck

hope is the first sign
hope is the first sign of defeat

so fucking defeated
what life

get a job piss your money away
shut up and drink your pint

you'll never find what you want at the bottom
because you drowned your dreams on the surface
everyday is just another nail in your coffin
Track Name: Just Show Me How It Ends
It's all so transient no one gives a fuck
our time has gone
what’s the point
without choice

feels like i an error
an everlasting moment of conjecture

fuck it

just carry on

you're in or you're out

with no future

no choice

no drive

fed tranquillizers
to shut you up

to drown your dreams

working nine to five

what a way to make a pittance 

just show me how it ends
show me how it fucking ends

life isn't free